I’ve been doing product management for over 10 years now. I was fresh out of college when I first took a PM position and really had no idea what it took to survive this discipline. One of the first lessons I learned was that my word was surprisingly not the gospel to the engineering teams supporting me. It took me a much longer time to actually stop preaching and start focusing on my customers, the relationships I needed to succeed, and how to effectively analyze all the inputs I was receiving.

I was not without the internet at that time, but there was not the multitude of product management blogs that exist today. With the now abundant resources we have at our disposal, this digest aims to:

  1. Make it easier for new product managers to find others in their community that they can learn from, hopefully allowing them to transition in smoothly and quickly.
  2. Help more experienced product managers stay up-to-date on the product management discipline.
  3. To improve myself by continually seeking out the high quality resources now available.

To those of you reading this, your feedback is always appreciated. If you have any recommendations on posts worth mentioning or sites I need to add to the blogroll, please leave a comment or send me a message through the contact form.