The site is called “Digest” for a reason. This is the first post dedicated to articles I feel would be of value to the Product Management community.

Extreme Customer Insight: A Marketing Secret Weapon (Slideshare Version)

We know that understanding our prospects is the key to better marketing but we don’t always get in front of customers and prospects as much as we should. This week I gave a talk on how to make customer interaction a habit, what questions to ask and how you can use what you’ve learned to improve everything (not just your marketing).

What Does It Replace?

When companies talk about their new product or service, they talk about what it does. Features, bullet points, checkboxes. Maybe, if they’re particularly enlightened, they’ll shift a bit and talk about what problems it will solve.

Your Business Model Is a System And Why You Should Care

Lean emerged out of the manufacturing world with a rallying cry for “waste reduction” in the production process. Lean Software drew parallels between hardware and software manufacturing processes and aimed to reduce waste also in the production process. Then Lean Startup came along and pointed out that efficient production is NOT enough UNLESS it also delivers customer value and emphasized learning OVER production towards that end.

Positioning with formulas

Marketing dragged me into a meeting with a new agency. There, I was asked to talk about the people who buy the product, some of its best capabilities, and some of my customer stories. This went on for a bit as I tried to figure out their agenda. Finally it hit me:

“Are you trying to figure out my positioning?”