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PMD Readings: Stakeholder Management, Working With Software Engineers, and an Intro to Scrum

Stakeholder Management In most companies, just about anyone and everyone feels like they have a say in the products.  Certainly they care about the product, and they often have many ideas, either derived from their own use, or from what they hear from customers.  But the vast majority of them we would not consider stakeholders.  They are just part of the community at large; another source of input on the product, alongside many others. How …

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PMD Readings: Value Creation, Customer Feedback, and Working with Software Engineers

Value Creation vs. Value Capture People approach creating products from many different perspectives.  Some seek out customer pain and dedicate themselves to solving their problems.  Others follow the technology and strive to deliver solutions that are just now possible.  Some like to follow competitors and deliver better solutions in a fast-follower model.  Others are simply trying to find a way to make some money so that they can sustain their business. No matter your approach, …

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Product Management Digest Readings: March 28th, 2013

The site is called “Digest” for a reason. This is the first post dedicated to articles I feel would be of value to the Product Management community. Extreme Customer Insight: A Marketing Secret Weapon (Slideshare Version) We know that understanding our prospects is the key to better marketing but we don’t always get in front of customers and prospects as much as we should. This week I gave a talk on how to make customer interaction …

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