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PMD Readings: Value Creation, Customer Feedback, and Working with Software Engineers

Value Creation vs. Value Capture People approach creating products from many different perspectives.  Some seek out customer pain and dedicate themselves to solving their problems.  Others follow the technology and strive to deliver solutions that are just now possible.  Some like to follow competitors and deliver better solutions in a fast-follower model.  Others are simply trying to find a way to make some money so that they can sustain their business. No matter your approach, …

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Helping Product Managers Learn More About Data Science

Data science is at its core an exploration of information, its sources, and the creation of new value and products from the data therein. Product Managers typically have a knack for analysis and increasingly need to interact with larger and larger sets of data. Improving our skills in data analysis is becoming critical. Even if the majority of analysis in your organization is done elsewhere, a deeper understanding of data science can make those conversations …

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